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    Thank you Coach!

    On the night of Thursday April 7, 2022 , we lost not only a great man, but a great father, uncle, husband, coach, friend and most of all immeasurable force.  

    Robert Kashmanian joined our organization in 2001 and made an immediate impact. But it’s not the years of friendship, knowledge of the game, or stature that was impressive - it was his way of showing us all how to behave, react and respond on and off the rink to adversity, difficulty and trivial moments.  

    “Coach K” as we grew to call him was known with his vintage backwards hat, yellow coat shorts and work boots- yes even in the hot, sweaty rinks he would wear it all. And yes even on the winter months , there were his shorts.  For Coach it was never about how he looked but how everyone around him felt about the game he loved.  Not only did he love this beautiful game, but he knew it inside and out.  The same way he knew his family, friends and of course his players.  Coach never asked for much, only perfection. Only perfection in his mind, and for that we say thank you.   Thank you Coach for showing us all what the meaning of perfection really is- WE not me.  We will never forget you. Rest In Peace. 

    All of us at the In-line Skating Club of America and the ISCA Grizzlies Roller hockey club.

    Congratulations Winter Season Champions

    Congratulations to our Winter Season 2021-22 Adult League Champions!

    Division 1- Jokers                       Division 2- Team Bergenfield

    Division 3- Imperials                 Division 4- Anarky

    Division 5- Just the Tips          Division 6- Premature Shooters

    Division 7a- Venom                    Division 7b- Crossfire B

    Division 8- Lumberjacks.        Dek- Warriors

    Spring in Full Swing.....Plan now for the Summer!

    Summer'22 Hockey Leagues!

    Adult Roller Hockey Summer League starts May 31

    35&over Roller Hockey Spring League starts May 15

    Dek Hockey NBHL -in progress

    Youth Roller Hockey League 13&under league -in progress


    Email us for more information: 

    Thank you!


    A Message to all of you:

    Hello Everyone,

    We know we sent out many emails, messages, texts and contacts over the last couple of days, weeks and months.  However, with all of your help, support and belief in the Inline Skating Club of America- and what we do, and our beliefs and concepts- nothing would be possible without all of you!

    To the many players, parents, family members, coaches, captains, players, officials, staff members along with so many fans along the way, we say THANK YOU!  We say thank you, wish you a safe, happy and healthy holiday season!  

    We look forward to seeing you, spending more time with all of you and enjoying the same thing we do- a place to play, feel safe and enjoy!

    Thanks again,

    All of us at the   "Inline Skating Club of America"

    General Information

    Open Skating Hours :Saturday 1pm - 3pm     &.    Sunday 1pm-3pm

    Admission $11

    Skate Rental $5

    Skate Mate Rental $10

    (Please check for special sessions or cancellations)

    Adult Open Hockey  TBA

    Learn To Play Hockey  -Saturday 11:30a - 12:30p $15 per child

    Learn to Skate Saturday 3p- 4p $20 per person

    Contact  Us

    Contact Us

    Inline Skating Club of America

    Phone: 201-998-4722

    iscahockey ISCAHockey iscahockey


    170 Schuyler Avenue.  North Arlington, NJ 07031