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    Fall League 2023 Leagues Underway!

    13&under League- STARTED -Next league begins 11/4

     17&under League- Next League begins 11/4

     Dek Hockey League  - STARTED- Next League begins 11/19

    Adult Roller Hockey league - STARTED -Next League begins 12/11

    35&over - STARTED- Next League begins 11/12

    45&over- STARTED- Next League begins 11/12

    Please call our office Monday through Friday 1-6pm for more information!  201-998-4722.  for more information email us at

    ISCA Players Player & Captains Leadership Awards

    ISCA Players Player Award & Captain Leadership Awards- 

    In 2021, with the help of a former ISCA Alumni, we created the ISCA Players Player & Captains leadership Awards.  These awards are granted to players, who are nominated by their peers; who go above and beyond for their teams.

    Players Player Award

    Presented to the player who goes above and beyond the call of duty for their team.

    Winter 2021:              Joe Kulesza, Batmen

    Spring 2021:            Tyler Fiorillo, Blue Line Bandits

    Summer 2021:            Nick Picinic, Team New Roc

    Fall 2021:                    Kyle Ellis, The Grunts

    Winter 2022:              Chris Rizzo, Stars

    Spring 2022:                Cole Puso, Fluffy Unicorns

    Summer 2022:            Tim Currie, Bulldogs

    Fall 2022:                    Angel Roman, Death Punch

    Winter 2023:              Jason Guliano, Lumberjacks

    Spring 2023:               Frank Cerisano, Blackhawks

    Summer 2023:            Dave Rooney, HC Dynamo

    Captain Leadership Award

    Presented to the Captain who exemplifies the qualities of a Captain of their team

    Spring 2021:                John VanderWiele, Crossfire  

    Summer 2021:            Ryan Daly, Just The Tip

    Fall 2021:                    Sam Bazian, Cliftons

    Winner 2022:              Brandon Harrington, Kekembas

    Spring 2022:                Matt Cielo, Venom

    Summer 2022:    Sean Haggerty, Premature Shooters

    Fall 2022:                    Mike Sweeney, Vipers

    Winter 2023:        Nick Lombardo, Bad News Bears

    Spring 2023:         Alan Teller, Wild Donkeys

    Summer 2023:     Phil Schaub, Punishers

    ISCA Staff/Employee Scholarship

    Inaugural Winner: Thomas Zurkowski

    Congratulations Summer '23 Season Champions

    Division 1-   Jokers        Division 2- Crabs

    Division 3- Imperials          Division 4- Premature Shooters

    Division 5- Back Door Boys  Division 6- Designated Drinkers

    Division 7a- Strangers     Division 7b- Hitmen

    Division 8-   Enforcers

    General Information

    Open Skating Hours :Saturday 1pm - 3pm     &.    Sunday 1pm-3pm

    Admission $12

    Skate Rental $8

    Skate Mate Rental $12

    (Please check for special sessions or cancellations)

    Adult (18+yo) Open Hockey   Wednesday 4:45-6:45pm $12/player- Goaltenders Free

    Learn To Play Hockey  -Saturday 11:30a - 12:30p $20 per person

    Learn to Skate Saturday 3p- 4p $25 per person

    Contact  Us

    Contact Us

    Inline Skating Club of America

    Phone: 201-998-4722


    170 Schuyler Avenue.  North Arlington, NJ 07031